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My name is Rachael and I am a Denver, Colorado based photographer. I hope you'll take a look around at my work and consider having me capture moments with you and those you love most. 

While You Wait…

While You Wait…

While You Wait | What Happens After Your Photo Session | Rachael Lauren Photography

So you just got home after your family photo session. Everything went well! The toddler was all over the place but you feel like you got some really great images from your shoot. Now, the hard part begins: the waiting. Do you wonder what your photographer is doing while you’re waiting to see your finished gallery? Every photographer is different, but here is a little peek into what my process looks like.

  • Download photos. I start by downloading the photos from your session to my computer. I try to do this the day of the photo session.

  • Delete. Once the photos are on my computer, I take my first pass through and delete any photos that are out of focus or otherwise not usable.

  • Backup. Next, I backup the photos on an external hard drive and a cloud drive. I don’t want to lose any of your images!

  • Make folders. Within the main folder containing your photos, I make sub folders. Typically, that means I separate the photos into ‘favorites’ and ‘everything else’.

  • Begin making edits. I start with the favorites folder and start making edits. I look at everything from color to cropping to stray hairs and tidy it all up. This is VERY time consuming sometimes and, when all is said and done, the largest chunk of my time is spent in this stage.

  • Let it all simmer. Sorry, I’m a food blogger so a cooking reference was inevitable! Once I do my first round of edits, I let the photos sit for a day. Sometimes, it takes a break to be able to see if they’re edited well or still need work.

  • Take another pass. Once the photos have had a while to chill on their own without being messed with on my computer, I take another look at them. Sometimes, not much needs to be done. Other times, they feel all wrong and I decide to start over. I repeat this process until I feel really good about the photos!

  • Put together your online gallery. Now that I’m happy with the photos, they head straight to your online gallery where they are separated into two groups: Highlights (the photos included in your base price) and Full Gallery (always available for purchase if you love them). I organize the photos so the overall presentation is pleasing to the eye before sending you the link and download pin.

And that’s a wrap! From the beginning of your session to the moment I hit the send button on your gallery, I spend a minimum of 4 hours making sure you get the very best photos. The session is so important to me and I want it to be fun for you. But hard work starts when I get home with your precious images on my SD card.

I wrote this post because I truly appreciate that you are investing money in more than just photos. You are investing in my business and trusting me to do my best work for you. And that right there is what keeps me going each and every session. THANK YOU for trusting me to capture moments your family can cherish for many years to come. I know it is a big deal and I want you to know that every step of my process is done with that in mind.

The Halvorson Family

The Halvorson Family